The Minority Empowerment Network(MIEN) of the United States was founded in 2019 as a non-profit organization working exclusively for charitable and to empowering for minority community. It focuses on empowering minority communities, skill development, media advocacy and awareness and making significant changes in the field of education, skill, human right and their duty, health, disability, volunteerism. We are commitment to improve the lives of minority communities.


MIEN understands as a major factor that contributes to the exclusion of minority communities lack of:

  • advocacy in the stakeholders,

  • awareness in the communities,

  • information about Voter rights, worker rights and protections, census, and other human rights.

  • knowledge and Skills among members of families, communities and among the non-profit organizations.

Therefore,MIEN sees a big need in creating better communities, more awareness and advocacy in all different levels of minority communities and stakeholders. MIEN is therefore, strategically established to address empowering minority communities, more awareness, advocacy, and information to communities.