Charitable Status

The organization has a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

The organization is a registered charity in New York State.  

Registration #:  47-76-85



Minority Empowerment Network(MiEN) was founded for together empower communities first. MiEN is mainly focused on running and organizing projects to empower communities, providing services in partnership with stakeholders focused on improving economic empowerment, and media awareness, education and prevention for significant economic and cultural issues.

Aims and purposes: -

The aims and purposes of this organization shall be:

  • Economically Empowering Community First through running and organizing projects.
  • Increasing awareness and educating availability of resources provided by the government and other stakeholders through media.
  • Creating a stronger relationship between community, government line agencies, and stakeholders.
  • Media awareness, education and prevention programs on important issues.
  • Promotions to preserve art and culture.
  • Promoting and publicizing travel and tourist destinations in New York City, New York State, and USA.
  • Educating the people about UN declaration days through media.
  • Creating a better environment for better health outcomes for children, youth, senior citizens, and disabled people.

How we carry out these aims: -

  • Organize Help and Information Desk.
  • Run ESL, GED, Security classes, and non-degree licensed private schools in partnership with stakeholders.
  • Conduct or organize an IT training program in partnership with stakeholders.
  • Conduct or organize skill development training classes in partnership with skeholders.
  • Help and inform to job seekers find employment.
  • Call concerned organizations to join hands for the betterment our communities.
  • Strengthen the sustainability of the program with the help of stakeholders. 
  • Raise awareness of the issues of the fundamental human rights of immigrant people and other people.
  • Conduct or organize workshops and seminars on important issues for communities in partnership with  stakeholders.
  • Promote and publicize travel and tourist destinations of New York City, New York State and USA through    media.
  • Run community FM radio and Television station in partnership with with stakeholders.
  • Educate people about UN declaration days and available resources through media.
  • Run an Elder Day Care Home in partnership with with stakeholders.
  • Publish a magazine and newsletter for children and youth in Nepali and English languages.